Arm Lift, brachioplasty

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Arm Lift, brachioplasty

As a result of weight loss, or just through the natural aging process, the skin below the upper arm can loosen and appear unattractive. Arm Lift Surgery reduces the excess skin and fat on the upper arm resulting in a more toned and proportionate appearance.
Prior to surgery Doctor Pat will consult with prospective patients, to determine expectations and to explain the procedure, including possible after-effects. This will also help the Doctor assess the patients’ suitability for Arm Lift Surgery, and advice on likely results.

The procedure is carried out under local anesthetic, meaning that the patient is awake, though drowsy, throughout, but insensitive to pain. The Doctor makes an incision along the inside of the arm, to best conceal visible scarring. The length of this incision depends upon the degree of uplift required. He then reshapes the underlying tissue and muscle before tightening and suturing the skin. Dressings are applied to the incision and the patient’s arm is wrapped in an elastic bandage to minimize swelling.

Following the treatment patients can return to their place of residence. Mild pain and discomfort may be experienced post-operation, for which prescription pain medication can be used.  Some degree of swelling be expected for a few days, but this is only temporary. 


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